The Government’s Proposed 50% Funding Cut to Music at HE Level

The Government is planning to impose a disastrous 50% funding cut to arts subjects including music at Higher Education level in England.

Known as “residual funding”, it is the money the Government gives Higher Education Institutions to top up course funding that otherwise comes from students’ tuition fees.

These cuts will cause chaos for students starting courses this autumn, and put the UK’s world leading reputation for music and the arts at risk.

There are also problems with the consultation process. On such an important issue as this why has there been such a short time for the consultation process and almost non existent communications to the education and music constituency. A  funding cut of this size warrants a full, fair and transparent consultation process with an impact analysis of the likely effects these cuts will have on music in the UK.

APPJAG has written to the Rt Hon Gavin Williamson MP, the Secretary of State for Education and to  Nicola Dandridge CBE the CEO of the Office for Students.

Both letters can be read here:

Letter from APPJAG to Rt Hon Gavin Williamson Secretary of State for Education 6th May 2021

Letter from APPJAG to the Office For Students 6th May 2021